Starting a New Conversation

Team Kaizena -

Usually conversations are created automatically when a student joins your group.  Sometimes you may want to create a new conversation with a student (or students) in your group.  

To create a new conversation, click the "+" icon next to "Conversations":

 You'll see the "Start a New Conversation" box appear to the right.  You can add as many people as you like to a conversation, but they must have joined the group already.  You can search for a name (#1 in the screenshot below) or click on a name from the list (#2 in the screenshot):


If you've added multiple people to the conversation, you can rename the conversation (#1 in the screenshot below).  When you've added everyone you want, click "Start Conversation" (#2 in screenshot):


That's all there is to it!  The new conversation will now show up in your sidebar.


To see how to add more people to an existing conversation, click here.