Switching to Kaizena Shortcut from Kaizena Mini

Team Kaizena -

Kaizena Mini has been replaced by Kaizena Shortcut!  Kaizena Shortcut gives you an easy way to open Google Docs on Kaizena.com, where you can add feedback using text and voice comments, skills, and lessons, just as you did before.  You can even view feedback you've added on Kaizena.com inside Kaizena Shortcut!

If you had Kaizena Mini installed, it has automatically been replaced by Kaizena Shortcut - no need to install anything new!  You can open it the same way you opened Kaizena Mini: click "Add-Ons," then "Kaizena Shortcut," then "Open Kaizena Shortcut." 

To learn how to use Kaizena Shortcut, have a look at this video or keep reading:



Kaizena Shortcut will open to the right of the document, in the same place you used to see Kaizena Mini.  From there, you can easily add the document to a conversation on Kaizena.com   Once you've added the document to a conversation, you'll be able to see (and listen to) all the comments in that conversation using Kaizena Shortcut.  Keep reading to find out more!

If you need help getting started with Kaizena.com, have a look at these guides.


Viewing Old Feedback

The feedback you left using Kaizena Mini isn't gone: you can view it using Kaizena Shortcut!  You will not be able to modify or add new feedback inside Kaizena Shortcut: all feedback must be made on Kaizena.com.

If you left feedback on a document using Kaizena Mini, but did not add the document to Kaizena.com, your old feedback will show up when you open Kaizena Shortcut.  Here's what that will look like:

  1. If you want to open the document in Kaizena, you can click "Add a draft of this file to a conversation."  See below for more details about using Shortcut to add files.
  2. You can see your old feedback in the bottom section of Kaizena Shortcut (#2 in the screenshot).  

If you've added the document to Kaizena.com before, you'll need to select "Old Kaizena Mini Annotations" from the dropdown at the top:


Need more help getting started with Kaizena Shortcut?  See all the Shortcut guides.