Installing and Opening Kaizena Shortcut

Team Kaizena -

Installing Kaizena Shortcut

Click here to install Kaizena Shortcut.

Click the blue "Free" button at the top right of the page:


Next, Kaizena Shortcut will ask for permission to install.  Click "Continue":


Then click "Allow":


Opening Kaizena Shortcut

Kaizena Shortcut works inside Google Docs.  To get started, open a Google Doc.

Then, click "Add-ons" (#1 in the screenshot below), then click "Kaizena Shortcut" (#2), then "Open Kaizena Shortcut" (#3):


Kaizena Shortcut will open to the right of the Google Doc:


Looks good so far!  Next up, let's see how to add a new file.