App Tour

Team Kaizena -

The first time you open the Kaizena iOS app, it will give you a brief tour of the app features.  This guide will follow the steps of the tour, and give you a bit of extra information about each step.

Let's get started!


The first thing we see is a Group on the Groups page:

If you've used, you will be familiar with Groups, and you probably have some Groups set up already.

If you're new to Kaizena, Groups are how your students are organized.  Teachers generally create a Group for each class they have.  When you sign into Kaizena, you'll be taken to the Groups page.  You can tap a Group name to open it, and on this page you can create or join Groups - but more about that later.


Sample Group

To start with, let's have a look at the Sample Group:

The Sample Group is a Group we created for you to try out.  It comes with some sample students and sample feedback.  You can do whatever you want with this Group - no one else will see your comments here!  



The bottom section of the screen shows you your Conversations:

Conversations are between you and your students.  A private Conversation is automatically created between you and a student when they join one of your groups.  Students add their work to the Conversation, and you leave them feedback.  It is also possible to create group conversations, and each Group comes with an Everyone conversation - click here to find our more about these types of conversations (coming soon!).

To open a Conversation, tap the student name.  When the Conversation opens, you'll see the most recent files and comments added to the Conversation, and you can swipe down to see older content.


Commenting on a File

Let's have a look at a file in a sample conversation.  Just tap the file name to open the file:

When the file is open, you can zoom in or out by pinching your fingers, and move around by holding your finger to the screen and moving it.  

You can also highlight a section of the file and leave a comment.  There are two ways to do this:

1. You can click the marker icon in the top right corner.  This will create a highlight in the document:

You can move and resize this highlight by holding and dragging the circles in the corner of the green box.

2. You can also press and hold somewhere on a document to create a highlight.  This highlight can also be resized and moved by the corner circles.


Once the highlight is in the right place, you can add your comment.

Type into this box to leave a text comment:


To leave an audio comment, tap the microphone icon:

Speak to record your comment, then tap where it says "Tap to Send":

Voice comments can be up to three minutes long.

When your comment has uploaded, it will appear in the document:

Once you've made a comment, your students can tap the highlight to open the comment.  If it's a voice comment, they can press play to listen to it.

You can also add a summary comment: this is a comment attached to the file, but not a particular highlight.   Just type your comment in the box at the bottom, or tap the microphone icon.

Note: Skills and Lessons (features on are not currently available on the iOS app.


Closing a File and Conversation

When you're finished leaving comments, tap the student name in the top left corner:

This will take you back the Conversation.  Your new voice comment will be listed at the bottom of the Conversation:


You can add voice and text comments to the Conversation too: these comments will show up at the bottom of the Conversation, and won't be attached to a specific file or highlight.  Just type your comment in the box at the bottom, or tap the microphone icon, as you did before.  Your new comment will show up a the bottom of the Conversation:


To close the Conversation, tap the group name in the top left corner:



Back to the Groups Page

To go back to the Groups page, tap "Groups" in the top left corner:


Congratulations, you've finished the tour!

Next, see how to set up your Groups