Creating a Group

Team Kaizena -

Groups are used to organize students and conversations in Kaizena.  You'll probably want to create a group for each class you're teaching.  Tap "Create a Group" to begin creating your group:

Enter the name of your group, then tap "Next":

 After you've added a name, choose the subject: start typing in the box to search the list of subjects, then tap the correct subject when it appears in the list:

Now, choose the grade level for your group.  You can scroll down the list of grades by swiping up.  If your group doesn't have a grade level, you can skip this step (by tapping "Skip") or select "Other" at the bottom of the list.

After you've selected the grade level for the group, you'll see a confirmation screen:

If the information is correct, tap "Finish."  If you need to fix anything, just tap "Back" to go back to previous screens.

Congratulations, you've set up your group!