Adding a File

Team Kaizena -

On Kaizena, Files are added to conversations: when your students joined your group, Kaizena set up a private conversation with each of them.  Any files or comments added to a private conversation are only visible to you and the student.  Both you and your students can add files to the conversation.

You can adding files from inside the Kaizena App, or from an external app.


Adding Files from Inside the Kaizena App

Open a group, then tap a conversation to open it:


When the conversation is open, tap the "+" button:


This will give you several options for adding files:

  1. Tapping "Album" will let you select a photo from your device.
  2. Tapping "Document Scanner" will let you take a new photo or scan a document.
  3. "iCloud Drive" will allow you to select a file from your iCloud Drive.
  4. "Google Drive" will allow you to select a file from Google Drive.


When the file is added to the conversation, it will show up at the bottom, with the time and date the file was added:

You can tap the file to open it.  


Adding Files from Another App

You can also add files to Kaizena from other apps on your device.  The screenshots here are from the Google Drive app, but a similar process applies for other apps as well.

Find your file, the tap here to see the sharing options:



Then tap "Send a Copy":

Next, tap "Open in":


Swipe to find "Copy to Kaizena" in the list, then tap "Copy to Kaizena":


Next, choose the group and the conversation where you want to add the file:

Once you've selected the group and conversation, tap "Upload" and the file will be added to the conversation:



Viewing all files in a Conversation

You can also see a list of all the files in the conversation by tapping the paper icon in the top right corner:

The file list will open, and you can see all the files in the conversation.  You can also add a new file here, by tapping "Add a File":