Inviting Students to a Group

Team Kaizena -

In order for you students to access your feedback, you'll need to add them to one of your groups.  When students join your group, private conversations with each of them will automatically be created.

You can choose to invite students with classroom instructions, or invite them by email.

Inviting using Classroom Instructions

Tap "Classroom Instructions":

You'll see instructions for inviting your students to your group:

Share the invite code with your students.  They can join your group by tapping "Join Group" on their groups page, then entering the code.  Click here for more details about how to join a group.

When you're done with the instructions, tap "Invite to Group" to go back:

Then "Dismiss" to go to the group:

Inviting by Email

Tap "Enter an email address":

Enter the email address of the person you want to add to the group:

You can invite as many people as you want: just make sure to tap "Send Invitation" after entering each email.

When you're done with the instructions, tap "Invite to Group" to go back:

Then "Dismiss" to go to the group:


New Conversations

When students join your group, Kaizena automatically sets up a private conversation between you and each student.  These conversations will be listed on your groups page, and are where you and your students will add files and comments.  These conversations are private: only you and the student in the conversation can see them.  

Any students you invited with the group code will need to join your group before you see conversations with them.

Any students you invited by email will have a conversation with you: tap on their email address to open your conversation with them:

You can add files and comments to this conversation, but you student won't see them until they've signed up for a Kaizena account using the same email address you invited them with.


Hint: If these methods of adding students are too slow for you, try adding students from a computer!  You can import students from Google Classroom, or copy and paste a list of email addresses.  Have a look at this guide for more details.