Adding a Comment to a Conversation

Team Kaizena -

When you add a comment it can either be added to the conversation, or to a file in the conversation.  Click here to see how to add a comment to a file.  You can add voice and text comments on the iOS app.

To add a comment to a conversation, open a group (by tapping on it), then open a conversation (by tapping on it).  

Voice Comment

To add a voice comment, tap the microphone icon in the bottom right corner:

Kaizena will automatically start recording: speak to record your comment:

When you're finished, tap "Tap to send":

Your comment will be saved and uploaded to the conversation.  If your network is slow or you're adding a large comment, it may take a while for your comment to upload.  New comments are added to the bottom of the conversation:

As soon as your comment has loaded, it will be visible to the other person in the conversation.

To cancel recording a voice comment, tap the "X" in the bottom right corner as the comment is recording:


Text Comment

To add a text comment to a conversation, tap the box at the bottom of the screen that says "Add a new comment":

Type your message, then tap "Send":

Your text comment has been added!  Just as with voice comments, it's immediately visible to other people in the conversation, and will show up at the bottom: