Adding Comments to a File

Team Kaizena -

When you add a comment it can either be added to the conversation, or to a file in the conversation.  Click here to see how to add a comment to a conversation.

To add a comment to a file, first open the group, then the conversation, then the file (by tapping on them).  Click here to see how to add a file to a conversation.

Once the file is open, you can attach a comment to a highlight on the file.


Attaching a Comment to a Highlight

To attach a comment to a highlight, you start by making a highlight in a file.  Scroll to the part of the file where you want to make your highlight.  You can scroll by swiping your finger; you can zoom in or out by pinching and spreading your fingers.

To make a highlight, tap the pencil icon at the top right:

...or press and hold your finger at the place in the file you want to add your highlight.  A green box will appear in the file: this is your highlight:

You can move and resize the highlight by pressing and holding the circles at the corner of the highlight:

Once you've got your highlight in the correct place, you can add a voice or text comment.


Voice Comment

To add a voice comment, tap the microphone icon in the bottom right corner:

Kaizena will automatically start recording: speak to record your comment.  When you're finished, tap "Tap to send":

Your comment will be saved and uploaded to the conversation!  It will be attached to the highlight in the file: tap the highlight to op[screenshot: tap to send]en the comment, then tap the play button to listen to the comment.

When you close the file, Your new comment will also be visible in the conversation.  New comments are added to the bottom of the conversation:

You can tap the comment in the conversation to play the voice comment (#1 in the screenshot below), or tap "Open comment" to view the highlight in the file (#2 below):

As soon as your comment has loaded, it will be visible to the other person in the conversation.

To cancel recording a voice comment, tap the "X" in the bottom right corner as the comment is recording:


Text Comment

To attach a text comment to a highlight, make a highlight as described above.  Then, tap the box at the bottom of the screen that says "Add a new comment":

Type your message, then tap "Send":

Your text comment has been added!  Just as with voice comments, you can tap on the highlight to view it:


When you close the file, the comment will show up at the bottom of the conversation: