Team Kaizena -

There are several ways for you and your students to be notified of new feedback on the iOS app.  


If you have new notifications, you can see this on the groups page or with a group open: a red number will show up in the bottom right corner, over "Notifications":

Tap "Notifications" to go to your notifications page:

You'll see a list of your notifications (new notifications will be highlighted with grey):

Tap a notification to view your new feedback: you will be taken to the conversation.


Push Notifications

You can also be notified with push notifications: these are notifications that will show up on your phone's lock screen.  To enable push notifications, go to your groups page, then tap the gear icon in the top right corner:

Tap the slider next to "Enable Push Notifications":

Now, when your phone is connected to the internet, you'll receive notifications when you have new feedback on Kaizena!



Finally, if you or your student have unread notifications for more than an hour, we automatically send you an email summary of your unread notifications:


You can change your email settings from a computer.  Go to your settings page and scroll down to "Email Notifications."