Syncing Kaizena with Google Classroom

Team Kaizena -

Do you use Google Classroom for managing student submissions?  Now, you can use Google Classroom Sync on Kaizena.  Classroom Sync will set up a group for each of your Classroom classes, will import all your students, and will automatically add submitted assignments to Kaizena.


Getting Set Up

You can get started with Google Classroom sync when you sign up for Kaizena, or on your settings page.  (The screenshots in this article show how to enable sync when you're signing up for the first time, but enabling it from your settings page looks almost the same.)

To sync Kaizena with Google Classroom, click "Get Started":  


Kaizena will ask for permission to access your Classroom information: click "Allow":


Next, you can choose to whether you want to sync older assignments or not.  Kaizena will automatically import the files from the most recent assignment in each class, but if you want to import older assignments as well, select the box next to "Sync older assignments":


Now, click "Enable Google Classroom Sync":


Kaizena will begin syncing with Google Classroom.  If you have a lot of classes, students, or assignments on Google Classroom, this can take a little while, so go ahead and click "Done" once you see this message:


Kaizena will set up a group for each of your classes on Kaizena, and will import all your students for each class.  

Note: when your students sign up for a Kaizena account, make sure they sign up with the same Google account that they use for Classroom.


Syncing Assignments

Once you've set up Classroom sync, any Kaizena-supported files that your students submit for an assignment on Google Classroom will automatically appear on Kaizena, ready for review.  To find your student's work on Kaizena, just open your conversation with them by clicking on their name in the group.  If you synced older assignments on Google Classroom, these files will show up in the conversation as soon as sync has finished setting up!

Kaizena-support files are: Google Docs, Google Slides, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and image files.

Submissions are synchronized about every two to three hours.  We'll send you an email when the assignment due date has arrived, with a link to review your students' work.


What happens if a teacher has already set up Groups and invited students?
  • Google Classroom Sync will create a new Group for each of your classes in Google Classroom and synchronize student submissions to that new Group.
Where will students see my feedback?
  • Students will be able to see your feedback on and on the Kaizena iOS app: have them open your group, then click on your name.  They'll receive an email notification with a link to the conversation - they can click this link to go read your feedback!


Some of my groups, students, or files are missing!

  • DO NOT DELETE YOUR GROUPS!  If you've just set up Classroom Sync, it can take a little while for Kaizena to import everything.  Check your settings page to make sure Classroom Sync has finished setting up: you should see this message:

Once you see that message, head back to your groups page and refresh the page (click the "refresh" button or press "F5").  If the message says Kaizena is still syncing, just wait until it's finished.  If any of your classes, students, or assignments are still missing after that, contact support.