Co-teaching with Google Classroom Sync

Team Kaizena -

If you have co-teachers on Google Classroom, they will now automatically be added to your groups on Kaizena.  They will be able to see all of the automatically created conversations with students, and add their own comments.

If you already set up Google Classroom Sync (before November 2016) and want to add your co-teachers to Kaizena, you'll need to set them up yourself.  Click "Group Settings":


Click "Google Classroom Co-teachers" at the right::

Then click "Sync with Co-teachers":

This will add your co-teacher to the group the next time Kaizena syncs with Classroom, and to all your conversations with your students.  If they don't have a Kaizena account yet, they'll receive an email invitation to sign up for Kaizena - make sure they sign up using the same email they use with Google Classroom.