Adding Feedback

Team Kaizena -

Now you're ready to start adding feedback!

There are four comment types available: 

Students will need to have the add-on installed in order to review your feedback.

Voice Comments

Voice comments are a fast and effective way to bring your feedback to life for your students. Your students can not only hear what you said, they can also hear how you said it. It's also a great way to demonstrate pronunciation for language students.

To add a voice comment:

  1. Make a highlight on the document
  2. Click the microphone button
  3. If this is your first voice comment, click "Allow" in the box that pops up to give Kaizena access to your microphone
  4. Record your voice comment - voice comments can be up to 30 seconds long
  5. Click "stop to finish your comment", then "post" to upload it

Here's what that looks like:




Skills allow you to rate students on specific skills that they demonstrate in their work.  If you've used rubrics to grade, you can think of a skill as a single category on a rubric.  Skills could also include learning objectives or outcomes - anything you want to track and rate, you can create a skill for it!

To add a skill, make a highlight and click on the graph icon:


You'll need to set some skills up before you can use them: click "Manage Skills on" to get started:


Click here to see how to set up new skills.  If you've created skills on the Kaizena web app before, you can access these skills from here as well!

Once you've created a skill:

  1. Make a highlight on the document
  2. Click the graph icon
  3. Type the name of the skill you want to use, then select it from the dropdown
  4. Click on the rating you want to give the student

Here's what it looks like in action:




Lessons let you save and reuse voice and text comments: instead of recreating the same comment over and over again, you can save it to use with other students.  

To add a lesson, make a highlight and click on the light bulb icon:


Just like skills, you'll need to create a lesson before you can use it: click "Manage Lessons on":


Here's a guide to creating lessons.

Once you've created a lesson:

  1. Make a highlight
  2. Click the light bulb icon
  3. Type the name of the lesson you want to use
  4. Select it from the dropdown, and click "post".

Here's what it looks like altogether:



Text Comments

Finally, you can also add text comments, which can include links.  Just like other types of comments, you start by making a highlight.  Then click the "T" to add your text comment:


Type in your comment, then click "Post":



If you need to make any changes, you can edit your text comment.

Click the three dots in the corner of your comment:


Then click the pencil button to edit the comment:



Highlight Colors

For any comment type, you can change the color of the highlight by clicking on one of the colored circles:



Your students will need to have the Kaizena add-on installed in order to review your feedback.  

See how students view and respond to your feedback and how to reply to comments.