Reviewing feedback from your teacher

Team Kaizena -

When you open Kaizena, you'll see all the messages your teacher has given you:



Most comments will be attached to a highlight on your file.  The part in the colored box is the text that's highlighted:



The comment underneath is the feedback your teacher gave you:



If you aren't sure which comment goes with which highlight, you can click the comment at the right, or the highlight on the file.  This will make the highlight brighter and will open the comment.


Resolving Comments

If you make a correction to your assignment based on a comment from your teacher, you can "resolve" the comment so it no longer shows up.  

First, click the three dots in the corner of the comment:


Then click the resolve button:



This will resolve the comment - you won't see it when you open Kaizena.

If you want to see your resolved comments, click "Open" in the top right corner of Kaizena, then click "Resolved":


You'll see all the resolved comments. 

If you want to re-open a comment, click the three dots in the corner of comment, then click "Reopen":



Replying to a Comment

You can reply to any comments your teacher leaves for you.  First, click on the comment to open it.

Next, click the microphone to reply with a voice comment:



Or click the "T" to reply with a text comment:



The reply will be attached to the first comment, like this: