Using Kaizena with Google Classroom

Team Kaizena -

Since Kaizena works entirely inside Google Docs, it's a great fit if you're using Google Classroom!  

There are many workflows which will work with Kaizena and Google Classroom.  However, in order to review the comments you've created with Kaizena, you and your students will need to have the add-on installed and will need permission to edit the Google Doc.


Here's the workflow we suggest:

  1. Students submit their work to you on Google Classroom:



2. Open the document on Google Docs, and use Kaizena to add your feedback:



3. Once you've finished, select the finished assignments and "Return" the assignments to students:


When the Google Doc is returned, the student regains permission to edit the file.


4. To review your comments, the student opens the Google Doc, opens Kaizena, and reviews your comments.  If they want to respond to any of your comments, they can click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the comment:


....then click the Reply button:



Providing Ongoing Feedback

In some cases, you may want to give a student feedback on a draft (or several drafts!), then give them additional feedback on their final submission.  

Once your student has edited their assignment based on your feedback, they can resubmit it on the assignment page: 


From there, you can follow the same process as before: add your new feedback in Kaizena, then return the assignment to your student. 

If you want, you can delete any older comments that are no longer relevant:

1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the comment:


2. Then click the garbage can icon: